About me

My name is Jordan Banasik, I am a developer, system administrator, and overall Linux nerd. I program for fun and love being challenged. I am presently working for cPanel as a technical analyst but looking to expand my skillset into proper systems administration, development, developmenty operations, and site reliability engineer fields.

Career goals

Currently I am working technical support, which I have done now for 5 years. In that time I have gained many skills outside of work, including a Red Hat systems administrator certification, and I am ready to move on to proper systems administration. I already do some systems administration for the Multi Theft Auto project, which includes the following tasks:

Most recently, I upgraded our PHP to 7.3 from 5.6 and MySQL from 5.5 to MariaDB 10.1. This greatly improved website performance, and was also a requirement of our project, as per Invision Community's newer requirements. This also involved ensuring the services are configured to start with the operating system. Since our servers operate fairly old Debian builds, this also required PHP be obtained from a third party repository. Luckily there are vetted repositories for older operating systems with modern built PHP binaries ready to go. All modules were obtained as well through apt packages.

Software experience

I have worked with a large number of different tools, mostly at a hobby level. They include the following:

Analytics and monitoring

I wanted to run my own monitoring display for my homelab to check my various services, the following tools were used:
Used for displaying various graphs based on data from InfluxDB.
Time series database, used to store log data after ingest from logs.
Collects metrics and log data from various services and sends the data into InfluxDB.
Configured to send all system logs to the central Telegraf server for processing, instead of collecting logs with Telegraf on each server.

Hardware experience